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System Identification Routine for Miniature RC Helicopters


Diego Dällenbach, V. Semeraro

Semester Thesis, FS12 (10165)

For high performance model-based controllers an accurate model of the system to be controlled is needed. Since analytic models are always simplifications of a real system one might use a black-box model based on experimental data to capture most of the dynamics and to get an accurate model. This thesis proposes a system identification routine for the derivation of a black-box model. A user interface was developed in an already existing software environment in order to conduct appropriate system identification experiments on a RC-helicopter. The linear behaviour of the helicopter is examined in order to employ an identification approach which is based on linear systems. For the identification process the Correlation Method is used to estimate the frequency response of the helicopter. For this purpose the vehicle is excited with sinusoidal inputs of various frequencies in closed-loop operation. The resulting estimates are approximated with combinations of first and second order systems including time-delays. A reduced model containing the physically most influential transfer functions is considered and finally validated in order to judge the accuracy.


Type of Publication:

(13)Semester/Bachelor Thesis

S. M. Huck

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