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Modeling and Control of RC Miniature Coaxial


Vidya Raju

Semester Thesis, FS11 (10086)

This thesis is part of the autonomous coaxial helicopter project that aims at the control of miniature RC helicopters by using visual feedback of the positions and orientations from infra-red cameras (Vicon System). The coaxial helicopter is an example of a mechanical system with nonlinear dynamics. It is required to first obtain a sufficiently accurate nonlinear mathematical model of a coaxial helicopter, validate the model and implement a suitable control in Matlab simulation, in order to describe and account for the behaviour of the helicopter and also control it. In this project, the helicopter is modelled using twelve states - the position of the helicopter in 3D space, the 3D orientation and their derivatives. The swash plate angles of the lower rotor and the angular velocity of the upper and lower rotors are the control inputs. The model is controlled using a state feedback controller with the gain matrix obtained using a Discrete Linear Quadratic Regulator. The controller is implemented in simulation such that the helicopter follows a desired trajectory by reference point tracking. i


Type of Publication:

(13)Semester/Bachelor Thesis

S. M. Huck

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