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Modelling and Compensation of Drive Inverter Distortion for Accurate Drive Control


D. Caraci

Semester Thesis, HS12 (10245)

This thesis studies the techniques of duty cycle compensation which is an important task of any control algorithm for electric motors. We develop a model of a three-phase motor drive inverter which takes into account effects such as the interlock time and the voltage drop across the power switches. The distortion of the current and voltage due to these effects is derived mathematically and simulated in MATLAB. The simulation results are compared to the measurements performed on a motor drive that is used to control the wheel motors of the autonomous solar vehicle. Furthermore, based on the derived model, a duty cycle compensation algorithm is derived and implemented. Performed tests show that the applied compensation algorithm improves the control performance.


Type of Publication:

(13)Semester/Bachelor Thesis

M. Tanaskovic

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