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Interactive web application design for intelligent emergency building evacuation systems


D. Fankhauser

Semester Thesis, HS12 (10216)

Safety, and in particular emergency building evacuation, is an import part in building design. Usually, people are supposed to follow certain prede ned escape routes in case of an emergency. These however do not take into acount the actual location of the hazard. The use of intelligent real-time path-planning algorithms can therefore increase the success of emergency building evacuations. These algorithms however cannot be tested in the eld, which necessitates the use of virtual testbeds. With the increasing number of mobile devices and the resulting accessibility of the internet together with more potent web technologies it makes sense to use these technologies to involve people in the research. In this work an interactive web application was built using HTML5 and JavaScript that simulates stochastic re propagation in a building and tasks the user with nding an escape path for a simulated person. The web application gathers data about the escape path and the re and stores it in a database. This application can then be used to test real-time path-planning algorithms that generate optimal escape routes and compare them with human path-planning strategies.


Type of Publication:

(13)Semester/Bachelor Thesis

S. Summers

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