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Identifying a model for control of a population of Thermostatically Controlled Loads


Charalampos Moustafelos

Semester Thesis, FS13 (10267)

In this project we investigate the possibilities of identifying the model for the dynamics of a large population of thermostatically controlled loads (TCLs). Having a model for the dynamics we can control the TCLs and obtain a desirable behaviour. In this prelimi- nary investigation we consider only homogeneous loads, the units and the values have no physical meaning and we have full knowledge of the system that we want to identify. We consider that the evolution of the temperature is described by a model based on Stochas- tic Dierential Equations (SDE). The goal of this project, is to develop another model based on Markov Jumps which has the same behaviour with the SDE model. For this purpose, we apply optimization algorithms to nd the optimal values of some parameters of the Markov Jump model in order to match the two models. Deterministic optimization algorithms proved to be not suitable in nding the best possible parameters. However, stochastic optimization methods, like genetic algorithms, gave very promising results.


Type of Publication:

(13)Semester/Bachelor Thesis

J. Ruess

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