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Implementation of low frequency injection technique for initial rotor position detection of autonomous solar vehicle driving and steering motors


Jonas Pfaff

Semester Thesis, FS13 (10225)

In order to control the electric motors driving the autonomous solar vehicle, the position of their rotors has to be known in every moment. As long as the permanent magnet synchronous motor is at standstill or rotating very slowly the standard techniques based on estimating the back electromotive force are not applicable. Therefore, the possibility to overcome this limitation by using a low frequency injection technique has been studied. This method approaches the problem by inducing a substantial rotor oscillation which in his turn induces an observable back EMF. The position extraction algorithm proposed in this thesis has been simulated with Matlab, in order to con rm theoretical assumptions. Afterwards it has been implemented on a test set-up. The resulting back EMF is very small compared to the observed distortions added from the motor driving inverter. As a consequence some basic ltering methods have been tested. As this tentative was unsuccessful it is necessary to further improve this approach in order to be able to estimate the correct rotor position.


Type of Publication:

(13)Semester/Bachelor Thesis

M. Tanaskovic

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