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Intelligent Current Limiting in Traction Control of an Electric Four-Wheel Drive Race Car


Daniel Bohl

Semester Thesis, FS13 (10220)

The Academic Motorsportsclub Zurich (AMZ) participates in the worldwide Formula Student competition and builds an electric race car from scratch every year. The model for 2013 (named "julier") has an electric motor for every wheel and exploiting the fourwheel drive is one of the main challenges in designing a competitive race car. In order to achieve high speeds throughout the race, cars have to be designed to have maximum traction in dierent situations. The goal of this semester thesis is to design an intelligent current limiter that enforces a number of constraints to ensure optimal race performance: 1. Identify optimal conditions for all wheels, e.g. higher torque on outer wheels in a turn. 2. Limit currents to the motors to ensure the identied conditions. A major challenge for this thesis is making sure the developed control scheme can be implemented on the available control hardware in the car. An important part of the verication of the developed control scheme is validation of robustness properties against variation in several system parameters (friction coecient, temperature,...). Hence, a simulation platform has to be developed where dierent designs can be tuned and evaluated. The newly developed control scheme has to be compared to previously used approaches to quantify possible benets.


Type of Publication:

(13)Semester/Bachelor Thesis

N. Kariotoglou

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