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Decentralized MPC for smart grid applications


Philipp Heer

Master Thesis, FS13 (10298)

This thesis focuses on a model predictive control scheme which allows organizing the power production of power plants in a decentralized fashion. That way a less computationally demanding control scheme can be applied to control the frequency at each power plant without a governing, high level controller for the whole power grid. The main contribution was to develop a communication scheme between power plants that can be applied in a competitive environment like the energy market. Most established schemes for decentralized power production require giving away a mathematical representation of a plant to all its neighbors. However, the developed control scheme only requires informing the neighboring power plants the expected future evolution of the power networks voltage angle. This is information which is more efficiently communicated by power plant operators. Additionally, this simplification does not only yield a notable reduction in communicated data but also reduces the computational complexity of the control problem for a single power plant. Proofs are given which indicate necessary properties of the developed algorithm to ensure nominal or robust stability. Considering the developments towards a Smart Grid one can say that a power production which is organized in a decentralized way reduces the computational effort greatly with a tolerable loss of performance. This statement is backed up with results from the simulations.


Type of Publication:

(12)Diploma/Master Thesis

M. Morari

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