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Torque Control of a KUKA youBot Arm


Benjamin Keiser

Master Thesis, FS 13 (10214)

Accurate end-e ector trajectory tracking is a fundamental requirement for many robotic manipulator tasks|even for simple movements such as picking objects straight up from the oor. While end-e ector trajectories are given in Cartesian space, we can only control the individual manipulator joints. However, small errors in the joint positions can sum up to large position errors of the end e ector in Cartesian space. Furthermore, the change of the end-e ector position for a given change of the manipulator joint positions depends on the manipulator con guration. In this project, we aim on using a KUKA youBot for accurate and fast grasping. Existing control schemes for the KUKA youBot arm, namely joint position and joint velocity control, do not consider the arm con guration and its dynamics. Therefore, we designed a torque controller, based on a dynamical model of the KUKA youBot arm, and validated it on a real platform. The designed torque controller allows ten times faster grasping of objects than existing control schemes with similar tracking performance of the grasp trajectory. As an application, we demonstrate autonomous grasping of objects, which are detected using an on-board Kinect-like sensor. With the proposed control scheme, objects can be grasped even when the youBot is moving.


Type of Publication:

(12)Diploma/Master Thesis

S. M. Huck

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