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A Probabilistic Framework for Reserve Scheduling and N-1 Security Assessment of Systems With High Wind Power Penetration


M. Vrakopoulou, K. Margellos, J. Lygeros, G. Andersson

IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, vol. 28, no. 4, pp. 3885 - 3896

We propose a probabilistic framework to design an N-1 secure day-ahead dispatch and determine the minimum cost reserves for power systems with wind power generation. We also identify a reserve strategy according to which we deploy the reserves in real-time operation, which serves as a corrective control action. To achieve this, we formulate a stochastic optimization program with chance constraints, which encode the probability of satisfying the transmission capacity constraints of the lines and the generation limits. To incorporate a reserve decision scheme, we take into account the steady-state behavior of the secondary frequency controller and, hence, consider the deployed reserves to be a linear function of the total generation-load mismatch. The overall problem results in a chance constrained bilinear program. To achieve tractability, we propose a convex reformulation and a heuristic algorithm, whereas to deal with the chance constraint we use a scenario-based-approach and an approach that considers only the quantiles of the stationary distribution of the wind power error. To quantify the effectiveness of the proposed methodologies and compare them in terms of cost and performance, we use the IEEE 30-bus network and carry out Monte Carlo simulations, corresponding to different wind power realizations generated by a Markov chain-based model.


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