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Development of an Energy Supervision Unit for the Autonomous Solar Vehicle


Y. Darouach, M. Salomon, T. Zufferey

Semester Group Project, FS13 (10280/81/82)

The Automatic Control Laboratory at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich initiated a project in which a reduced scale autonomous solar vehicle (ASV) was designed and built. The vehicle operates with solar power and should have the ability to navigate through various environments without any human controller. This is a large project consisting of various detailed student projects and it serves as a platform to apply modern control techniques in the field of electrical drives, energy conversion and motion control. In the first part of this project useful information from past project reports are mentioned and some measurements on one of the control unit boards are performed. In the second part some important measurements on the photovoltaic solar panel are stated. Then the concept of detection of available energy from the solar panel, the required intelligence to make a decision and the circuits to start and stop the system were developed and tested. Moreover a procedure for signaling and switching other components in case of available power (start-up) and power losses (shutdown) was developed. A prototype PCB for power supply and interconnects based on existing components was built. The logic was implemented in VHDL and loaded into a PLD to have greater flexibility to adapt the state machine. Finally measurements on the whole circuit allowed to verify the efficiency of the energy supervision unit.


Type of Publication:

(16)Semester Group Work

O. Schultes

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