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Control and Estimation for a Soaring Six-Flapped Flying Wing


P. Petit

Master Thesis, FS13 (10253)20

This thesis presents the extension of a time domain identi cation algorithm for aerodynamic properties for xed wing aircrafts originally proposed by Eugene A. Morelli. Instead of explicitly measuring ow angles by sensors, the method integrates these angles with the help of the known equations of motion and the proper acceleration sensing of the onboard accelerometers. With these prerequisites the ow angles can be integrated from a steady-state zero-angle initial condition through arbitrary trajectories for the purpose of aerodynamic coecient identi cation. The Morelli method is extended by using ow-velocity feedback of a pitot-tube, to increase accuracy during trajectories which include velocity changes. The reconstruction algorithm is tested on a 2D Matlab simulation, which uses aerodynamic properties calculated via a 3D panel method simulation. It is shown that the extended Morelli method is able to accurately reconstruct the aerodynamic properties underlying the simulation with the simulated noise properties. Additionally an Extended Kalman Filter was designed for lter purposes. Test ight with the Taborca Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle where conducted which mimicked the 2D simulation by keeping a zero roll angle throughout a test trajectory. These test however could not reproduce the simulation results. Faulty airspeed readings were identi ed as the error source with very high probability which was con rmed by simulation and a reconstruction corrected for the erroneous measurement. Additional ight test will have to be conducted in order to determine the nal value of the developped method.


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(12)Diploma/Master Thesis

M. Quack

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