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A Tractable Nonlinear Fault Detection and Isolation Technique with Applications to Power Systems


P. Mohajerin Esfahani

Invited Talk, ACCESS Linnaeus Center, School of Electrical Engineering, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm

The task of fault detection and isolation (FDI) in dynamical systems is the problem of generating a diagnostic signal sensitive just to the occurrence of specific faults. In this talk we present a tractable approach to design a robust residual generator to detect and isolate faults in high dimensional nonlinear systems. Previous approaches on fault detection and isolation problems are either confined to linear systems or only applicable to low dimensional dynamics with more specific structures. In contrast, we propose a methodology to robustify a linear residual generator for a nonlinear system with respect to certain disturbances. To this end, we formulate the problem into the framework of quadratic programming problems which are solvable for relatively high dimensional systems. This technique allows us to invoke existing results on randomized algorithms to provide probabilistic guarantees on the performance of the FDI filter. Finally, we illustrate the effectiveness of the proposed approach with an application motivated by the emerging problem of cyber security in power networks.


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