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High Precision Positioning of a Mechanism With Nonlinear Friction Using a Fuzzy Logic Pulse Controller


M.R. Popovic, D.M. Gorinevsky, A.A. Goldenberger

IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology, vol. 8, no. 1, pp. 151-158

A new approach to very accurate positioning of mechanical devices with nonlinear (stick-slip) friction is presented in this paper. The proposed controller applies narrow torque pulses to move a mechanism to a desired position despite nonlinear friction. The pulse shapes generated by the controller are computed using a fuzzy logic approximation of the dependence between the desired displacement and the torque pulse shape. The closed-loop stability conditions for the proposed controller are derived taking into consideration a random variation of friction. A detailed experimental study of the system response to different torque pulse shapes and a detailed controller design are presented for a direct-drive mechanism. In the experiments it was demonstrated that the proposed controller achieves positioning accuracy which is within the limits of the position encoder resolution.

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