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Control and Identi cation of a Micro uidic PWM Implementation


Y. Darouach

Semester Thesis, HS 13 (10331)

The goal of this project is to predict the chemical concentration profile in the cell chamber with the help of a given PWM control sequence for the existing PWM setup for liquid flows. In order to achieve this goal, we proceed by following two important steps. In a first step we specify the target profile of the desired chemical concentration in the cell chamber. Thereof we can generate our PWM control sequence. By applying this control sequence to our system, we can measure the effective output concentration using fluorescence microscopy. The intensity of the fluorescent dye represents the specific concentration of the medium in the cell chamber. Afterwards our main task is to identify the unknown filter, which interacts between the PWM control sequence and the concentration profile in the cell chamber. This is done by applying the filter identification theory, the principle of filter learning as well as the optimal input design theory. After having identified the unknown filter, the second step consists of using this estimate to predict the output sequence for any given PWM control sequence. Finally the conversion from any well defined target sequence to the corresponding PWM control sequence is implemented in a user-friendly LabView environment.


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(13)Semester/Bachelor Thesis

M. Unger

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