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Autonomous identification of non-linear magnetic circuits in power electronic systems


A. Zeberli

Semester Thesis, HS13 (10300)

The purpose of this thesis was to build a test procedure for an autonomous identification of simple magnetic coils. An experimental procedure to determine the hysteresis curve through the Jiles- Atherton model is presented, it explains how to find the relation between the magnetic field H and the bulk magnetization M by only measuring the current in and the voltage across the coil. A test rig is then designed consisting a power inverter, several sensors, a damped LCL power filter and a control system. The programming language C is used to implement the control logic on the FPGA control board. Experiments on different sample coils are made to test the set-up and the result is compared and confirmed with the theoretical Jiles-Atherton curve.


Type of Publication:

(13)Semester/Bachelor Thesis

G. Torrisi

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