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Implementation of Pulse Injection Techniques for Initial Rotor Position Detection of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors


M. Beltrametti

Semester Thesis, HS 13 (10290)

In order to control the electric motors driving the autonomous solar vehicle, their position has to be known at every moment in time. Additionally this has to be done without using position sensors in order to reduce the costs, the space needed and to increase the robustness of the system. As soon as the permanent magnet synchronous motor is at standstill or spinning at low speed, the classical estimation of the rotor position using the induced back electromotive force as reference is no longer reliable. For this reason in this semester thesis another method for the detection of the rotor position based on a voltage pulse injection technique has been implemented and investigated for both situations, at standstill and at low speed. The aforementioned technique exploits the anisotropic characteristics of the permanent magnet rotor which, depending on its position, alters the inductance of the stator windings and consequently the current response to the voltage pulses in the aforementioned windings. The rotor position estimation method proposed in this thesis has been studied in details, afterwards has been implemented in C on the already existing set-up in order to con rm the theoretical assumptions and nally has been validated with the help of di erent experiments. The achieved results at standstill has been showing that the algorithm works consistently with the theoretical assumptions and it has been possible to start the motor without the use of sensors. On the other hand the investigation of the low speed operation of the motor has revealed that one or even several errors sources are a ecting the implemented algorithm.


Type of Publication:

(13)Semester/Bachelor Thesis

D. Frick

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