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Autonomous Solar Vehicle - Sensing and Path Planning


J. Amstutz, R. Bernhard

Semester Thesis, HS13 (10294/95)

The Automatic Control Laboratory of ETH Zurich has been working on a project called \Solar Autonomous Vehicle" (ASV). This semester thesis is part of a series of projects implementing a fully autonomous small scale solar vehicle. This project is concerned with the detection of obstacles, sensing the environment and planning paths to avoid the detected obstacles. The goal of this project is to start the implementation of an obstacle detection system and an advanced path planning algorithm that allows the vehicle to avoid the detected obstacles, while reaching a prede ned goal or traveling into a certain direction. We evaluate di erent methods for obstacle detection and start imple- menting a laser triangulation system based on a line laser. We demon- strate an algorithm that successfully detects a laser line in an image using a web cam and a line laser that can be switched on and o . During the course of the project a general purpose PCB was developed. It houses a microcontroller, an FPGA, an accelerometer and gyroscope as well as a camera interface. It can also be used as a communication hub for interconnecting multiple components. Furthermore, we develop and implement a path planning algorithm that eciently computes smooth paths between obstacles and operates only on the information retrieved from the vision system.


Type of Publication:

(13)Semester/Bachelor Thesis

D. Frick

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