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Basic behavior improvement of Robocup Standard Platform League robots.


H. Heijnen

Semester Thesis, FS14 (10344)

The most important part of any athlete, human or humanoid, is that it possesses fundamental skills in the whole sense-think-act-cycle. A football player with a perfect kick technique is useless unless it knows what to aim for, and a world class sprinter will never finish a race if he does not know when it started. The project deviated from the original project description of implementing a coaching robot since the fundamental cycle was not considered functional yet. This report describes the functions created that trying to close and balance out this cycle. Being able to sense the game state and the environment frequently is essential for tournament functionality and for localization. Two game state handlers are created, and two head motions are proposed and validated by experiment. Thinking about what the optimal side is to look for the ball gets players back into the game as quickly as possible. Therefore, two improvement to the ball searching algorithm are proposed and tested. And acting according to a certain role or requested motion is in the end what makes the robots behave like real football players. Two new roles are defined and three skill sets that allow for better optimization and implementation of new motions.


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(13)Semester/Bachelor Thesis

K. Nguyen

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