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Optimal Monitoring via Differential Games


D. Paccagnan


The problem of continuously monitoring a region using a team of agents (e.g. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles equipped with cameras) is addressed and formulated as a differential game. This allows the use of multiple heterogenous vehicles i.e. agents with different sensor models. Two different approaches are presented to solve the problem. The first one consists in a standard differential game, for which the Hamilton Jacobi Bellman equations provide a sufficient condition. The second formulation results in a non standard differential game that is tackled with two different techniques. The first technique approximates the game as a sequence of infinite horizon optimal control problems. The second one is based on the wavelet decomposition and truncation of the planned trajectory: the differential game is transformed into a non-differentiable optimization problem over Rp. We present numerical simulations in the case of agents with single integrator dynamics. The results can be exploited to generate a trajectory plan for vehicles with more general dynamics.


Type of Publication:

(12)Diploma/Master Thesis

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