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Feedback Control of a Legged Micro Robot with On-Board Power and Sensing


R. Brühwiler

Master Thesis, HS 14 (10355)

Full autonomy remains a challenge for miniature robotic platforms due to mass and size requirements of on board power and control electronics. This thesis presents a solution to these challenges with a 2.3g autonomous legged robot. Harvard Ambulatory Micro Robot (HAMR) is an insect scale crawling robot capable of walking at speeds up to 0.44m=s, which is equivalent to 10.1 body lengths per second. With recent advancements in design and fabrication methods there is an aim to achieve autonomous operation and robust path control using on board electronics. This is done by adding a controller, power electronics, a battery, a boost converter, a gyro and an optical mouse sensor to the 1.27g basic robot. HAMR is powered by a battery and solar cells are used as an alternative source providing enough power for an autonomous operation of the robot. An o the shelf optical mouse sensor is stripped down to 64% of its original weight to the absolute minimum of 236mg for the whole sensor system including a lens and an LED. A resulting sensor error of 8% to 11% is achieved for an application of this position sensor to the walking robot, which allows a feedback control. The lateral control is paired with a gyro to determine and minimize the robot`s crabbing motion as well as its tilting behavior. The resulting deviation from a straight line for an uncontrolled walk sums up to an error of 31%. In contrast to this outcome a feedback control achieves a path deviation of 4.6% using both sensors to minimize lateral deviation as well as angular error.

Supervisors: Robert Wood, Onur Ozan, Benjamin Goldberg (Harvard), Manfred Morari


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(12)Diploma/Master Thesis

M. Morari

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