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Enabling Fast Reversing on an Open-Source BLDC Controller


W. Gao

Semester Thesis, HS14 (10395)

The following project is part of a novel six degrees-of-freedom UAV currently being developed at the Flying Machine Arena (FMA) at the IDSC. In order to minimize the load on each motor of this vehicle, a motor-propeller system capable of generating both positive and negative thrust is required. Thrust reversing can be achieved by either using variable-pitch propellers or by reversing the rotational speed of fixed-pitch propellers. Changing the pitch angle of variable-pitch propellers allows for performing large changes in thrust in very short time, as no deceleration of the motor is required. However, variable-pitch propellers require additional actuators (servos) which add weight and mechanical complexity to the vehicle. In this semester project, the possibility of reversing the thrust direction by changing the rotational speed of fixed-pitch propellers is explored. Although some commercial sensorless three-phase brushless DC (BLDC) motor speed controllers capable of fast reversing already exist (e.g. the UltraESC 20A), they all lack some key features required by the novel UAV. Hence, a new method for fast reversing has been implemented on the AutoQuad ESC32, a speed controller with open-source firmware which already features closed-loop RPM control and a CAN-bus interface.

Supervisors: Raffaello D'Andrea, Dario Brescianini, John Lygeros


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(13)Semester/Bachelor Thesis

J. Lygeros

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