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Design and implementation of a rotor position estimator for PMSMs for operation at standstill and low speed


L. Isler

Semester Thesis, HS14 (10396)

In this semester project a failure handling routine is implemented for the Autonomous Solar Vehicle (ASV) of the Automatic Control Laboratory (IfA). The ASV is a research platform to test control topics at the IfA at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH). So far, the ASV has implemented a simple but limited test for emergency stops. If an object lies in its path, braking until standstill is initiated. Different failures are tested for in various functions on multiple microcontrollers but reaction to them is not standardized. The goal of this thesis is to find different malfunctions and to react categorically to them. A procedure has been developed to collect these detected malfunctions and initiate emergency braking if necessary. Should a critical fault occur, the vehicle is brought to a smooth and safe stop. The implemented failure handling routine is extensible since new functionality and hardware may be added to the ASV in the future and new failure cases, bugs and undesired consequences may arise. With the improved software, the ASV is now able to autonomously react to different failures and assess its functionality while driving.

Supervisors: Damian Frick, Marko Tanaskovic, Manfred Morari


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(13)Semester/Bachelor Thesis

D. Frick

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