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RoboCup: Generating Kicking Motions for the NAO


D. Manickathu

Semester Thesis, FS15 (10420)

Kicking the ball is one of the most basic and vital tasks of playing Football. In order to execute such a complex motion, it is divided into smaller, simpler motion sequences and these are then interpolated to get the desired movement. A motion sequence is typically parameterized by the position of the limbs of the NAO and the length of time that is needed to reach that position.

This thesis introduces a motion module that converts the specified limb positions into joint angles via Inverse Kinematics. During the kicking motion the NAO will inevitably have to balance on one foot. The stabilization is then done with the help of a closed-loop PID controller. It regulates the center of mass of the NAO by tilting and panning the robots torso such that the projection of the center of mass to the ground remains inside the contour of the supporting foot. Once the parametrization of the kick motion is given it is also possible to vary the strength of the kick by modifying the duration of certain motion sequences.

Supervisors: Khoa Nguyen, John Lygeros


Type of Publication:

(13)Semester/Bachelor Thesis

J. Lygeros

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