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Electric drive platform: a framework for measurement acquisition


F. Percacci

Semester Thesis, FS15 (10399)

In the context of the realization of a new embedded platform to test control algorithms for electrical motors, a software tool was developed to facilitate the process of logging readings from sensors and values taken by the algorithms' internal variables, as well as to simplify their later retrieval on a computer for analysis of the control algorithms' performance. The constraint imposed by embedded systems' severely limited memory is overcome by transferring the incoming stream of samples to an SD storage device. The tool consists of low level libraries, coded in C, that implement the storage and the transfer to the SD card, but also includes a high level interface, coded in Python, that automates the generation of C code implementing the logging functionality. The advantage of using the tool is a reduction of the time and eort needed to adjust which quantities to log and how. The logging process reaches a bandwidth equivalent to sampling twenty 32-bit measurements at a frequency of 50 kHz.

Supervisors: Marko Tanaskovic, Damian Frick, Manfred Morari


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(13)Semester/Bachelor Thesis

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