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Improved embedded sensing and communication for 1:43 RC cars


J. Schäfer

Semesster Thesis, FS15 (10416)

In this thesis, the embedded hardware of the 1:43 scale ORCA race cars will be expanded and some existing components are going to be improved both in terms of functionality and performance. The current hardware is build around an STM32F405 ARM microprocessor, which is driving several peripherals such as an H-bridge, bluetooth chip, EEPROM, etc. Although a big part of the hardware is functioning in the current composition, it is necessary to add new features and capabilities to the hardware to provide additional sensor data besides the current position on the track. The following features will be improved or added:  Improvement of shunt monitor for the drive motor current  Replacement of bluetooth circuit by a NRF24l01 communication interface, providing a connection with lower latency  Implementation of a user-friendly and expandable communication protocol  Addition of capability of 3D gyroscope, 3D acceleration, 3D magnetometer and tempera- ture measurement  Revision of the existing software for improved performance As a proof of concept, all new hardware parts will be built on several breakout boards, which can be connected together and mounted on a dNano car. This prototype will then be tested on the ORCA race track. This work is intended to serve as a reference for future developers who are working with the ORCA hardware. The last chapter suggests some future improvements, which will enhance the system performance.

Supervisors: Alexander Liniger, Sandro Merkli, John Lygeros


Type of Publication:

(13)Semester/Bachelor Thesis

J. Lygeros

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