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Design and Implementation of an Airborne Wind Sensor


A. Sonder

Semester Thesis, FS15 (10408)

In order to optimize the overall power output and to extend operation time of a fully autonomous, energy-producing kite power system, additional information of the whole wind profile is required. The goal of the present work is the development of such a measurement system to determine airspeed and wind direction on different altitudes simultaneously. For measurements on different altitudes, an anchored single-line kite system is used. It is capable of carrying several wind sensor modules distributed along the tether. The collected data are stored on a microcontroller for post-processing and streamed down to the ground for real-time data analysis. After a thorough calibration of the airspeed sensors by means of a wind tunnel experiment, the application has been tested in the field. A low cost kite measurement system, which is easily deployable thanks to its low volume and weight, was developed. Sensors were calibrated and validated with an already existing measurement system on the ground. The complete system could then be used for actual measurements. Since there was no reference value, the measurement results from the two wind speed sensors of the kite system could be compared with one another. One sensor was better suited for measuring lower to moderate wind speeds while the other one could obtain more accurate measurements for higher wind speeds. This proved that the combination of these two sensors was a good choice for this application. Best results can be achieved in stable weather conditions, which means constant wind speeds without strong gusts, as stable flight behaviour of the kite is necessary for exact measurements.

Supervisors: Henrik Hesse, Roy Smith


Type of Publication:

(13)Semester/Bachelor Thesis

H. Hesse

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