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Drivetrain Design Optimization for Electrically Actuated Systems via Mixed Integer Programing


W. Pawlus, D. Frick, M. Morari, Geir Hovland, M. Choux

IEEE IECON, Industrial Electronics Conf., Yokohama, Japan, pp. 1465-1470

The proposed paper presents a method to optimally select components of a drivetrain for an electrically actuated machine. A simple mathematical model of the machine is established and inequality constraints which determine the choice of drivetrain components are formulated. Elements to be picked (namely, a motor, a gearbox, and a drive) are taken from a discrete set of data provided in the catalogs of industrial motors and drives manufacturers. By solving an optimization problem, a combination of components which both satisfy design requirements and minimize the total drivetrain cost is selected. The operation of the selected drivetrain is verified against the motor loadability curves. In addition, feasibility of other possible drivetrain configurations is checked and benchmarked with the optimal solution. Practical significance of the current work is demonstrated on a winch mechanism which is a popular part of many engineering applications, however, methods presented here could easily be adapted to other machines and industries. The results of the current work allow to reduce conservatism when designing actuation systems, while still satisfying the safety requirements specified by the designer. The system operating conditions are therefore effectively shifted to be closer to the constraints, which results in increasing the overall efficiency of the design and proving its cost-effectiveness.

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