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Predictive Delay Compensation and Path Tracking of Kites


P. Nahata

Semester Thesis, HS15 (10464)

In this work we present predictive delay compensation and path tracking for an autonomous tethered kite system is presented. A nonlinear unicycle model with input delay is considered for the predictive control part and to guide the kite on a reference path. In a path generation step, we generate gure eight trajectories using parametric equations of lemniscates. With increasing line lengths, the kite system is a ected by increasing input delay and reduction in the ratio between tangential velocity and line length. We therefore propose an adaptive path generation strategy to constrain the temporal evolution of reference. The path design speci cally considers an adaptive predictor to incorporate the e ect of input delays. By estimating the model parameters online we enable the adaptation of the predictive controller to time varying conditions, including the input delay and the line length. We further consider state and actuator constraints. The proposed adaptive controller has been implemented using FORCES Pro and demonstrated in a real-time kite simulation environment in with wind conditions.

Supervisors: Henrik Hesse, Tony Wood, Eva Ahbe, Roy Smith


Type of Publication:

(13)Semester/Bachelor Thesis

R. S. Smith

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