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Setup of a Distributed Autonomous Flying Test Bed using nano quadcopters


A. Kim, J. Seitz

Semester Thesis, HS15 (10449/50)

The Distributed Autonomous Flying Test Bed is intended to be a platform to test various distributed control algorithms using quadcopters. For these purposes second generation nano quadcopters Crazyflies 2.0 (Crazyflies) have been chosen. These compact lightweight quadcopters have been developed by three embedded engineers from Sweden who later became founders of the Bitcraze AB company. This project took the first step towards this platform and tried to engineer a setup for a single agent, which allows the extension to multiple Crazyflies in successive steps. To that end, the necessary components of the system were identified and communication between them was established. Measurement data from the Vicon positioning system that captures the location and attitude of the rotorcraft was transferred to the Crazyflie through a Raspberry Pi computer which extends the computational capabilities of the quadrotor. In order to implement a controller on the Crazyflie, the quadcopter’s equations of motions were derived, three controller designs proposed and a linear as well as a nonlinear Kalman filter introduced. To assess the control algorithms, the whole system was modeled in Matlab Simulink. The model allows to use different combinations of controller and estimator which can be perturbed by measurement noise, model-controller mismatch and time delays inbetween components. The robustness of the controller schemes was tested and provided satisfactory results. The control algorithms allowed stable flight conditions for a single Crazyflie. The performance of the algorithms remains to be tested on the real rotorcraft. In case of success, the subsequent projects related to the Distributed Autonomous Flying Test Bed can focus on the implementation of high-level distributed control algorithms for multiple Crazyflies.

Supervisors: Paul Beuchat, Yvonne Stürz, John Lygeros, Roy Smith


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(13)Semester/Bachelor Thesis

J. Lygeros

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