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Optimization in Space Engineering Challenge: Optimal Area Mapping for the ESA Asteroid Impact Mission


B. Mottet

Master Thesis, SS16 (10378)

This thesis presents an approach to solve the “Optimal Area Mapping for the ESA Asteroid Impact Mission” optimization challenge formulated during the 3rd workshop on Optimization in Space Engineering and inspired by ESA’s AIM mission. The AIM spacecraft is planned to target the binary asteroid system Didymos 65803 and, together with NASA-led DART mission, to investigate the possibilities to divert an asteroid from its course using a kinetic impactor. The objective of the optimization challenge is to determine optimal trajectories to completely map the binary system, while minimizing the time and fuel required to do so. The approach presented in this thesis is inspired by the Traveling Salesman Problem. Simplified dynamics are used to generate a graph of candidate trajectories. A Mixed-Integer Linear Programming (MILP) problem is then formulated in order to find the shortest path in the graph that satisfies the mapping constraints. Finally, a trajectory satisfying the original dynamical constraints is derived from the solution of the MILP problem. This method is used to compute a Pareto-front of solutions to the “Optimal Area Mapping for the ESA Asteroid Impact Mission”.

Supervisors: Alexander Domahidi, Henrik Hesse, Manfred Morari


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(12)Diploma/Master Thesis

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