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Design of a Solar Powered Thermoacoustic Engine-Refrigerator


M. Moghini

Master Thesis, SS16 (10493)

The project, which is going to be presented in the following writing, is aimed at developing a partially self-sustained Thermoacoustic Engine-Refrigerator powered by an external solar source. The device is built without having previous experiences in such machines, therefore the design concept will embrace different fields of the engineering product development, namely: Mechanics, Electronics, Informatics and Control System. The apparatus mentioned above will take advantage of different Thermodynamic respectively Fluid Dynamic principles in order to create an acoustic standing-wave with a particular resonance frequency and amplitude inside the main frame. The created acoustic wave will be then used to achieve a temperature gradient inside some particular material, which will be placed in a strictly defined position inside the main frame. The design concept will begin with a theoretical simulation and mathematical analysis carried by a program named DeltaEC, developed by G. Swift at the Los Alamos Laboratory. This first phase is revealed to be necessary for a correct mechanical-electrical design, which will give birth to the end experimental prototype used to provide data and analysis on the behaviour of thermoacoustic waves inside the device itself. The last development phase will be involved in figuring out strategies to obtain the best performance in term of thermal efficiency, thanks to the application of particular control system methods.


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(12)Diploma/Master Thesis

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