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An ADMM Approach to Optimal Building Energy Management


P. Tsangaridis

Semester Thesis, SS 16 (10504)

Building energy management is an active field of research since the potential in energy savings can be substantial. Nevertheless, the opportunities for large savings within individual buildings can be limited by the flexibility of the installed climate control devices and the individual construction characteristics. The Energy Hub concept allows the management of a collection of buildings in a cooperative manner, by providing opportunities for load shifting between buildings and the sharing of expensive but energy efficient equipment housed in the hub, such as heat pumps, boilers, batteries. Computationally efficient algorithms need to be developed to deal with the large-scale nature of this problem when large building communities are connected to the Energy Hub. In this work, we focus our attention on the ADMM algorithm which allows for parallel computation by separate agents, while exchanging only a minimum of information. Two distinct implementations of the ADMM algorithm are compared while their performance is benchmarked on identical numerical examples. The computationally efficient ADMM implementation exhibits a slow convergence rate while the computationally expensive implementation solves the same problems with a fast convergence rate. Then, by exploiting the structure of problem, the computationally expensive part of the faster ADMM implementation is decomposed into smaller parts where explicit formulas can be used to solve the problem. Hence, fast convergence rates with low computational cost are achieved for the algorithm.

Supervisors: Georgios Darivianakis, Angelos Georghiou, Sandro Merkli, Felix Rey, Prof. John Lygeros and Prof. Roy Smith


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(13)Semester/Bachelor Thesis

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