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Decentralized Active Power Control of PV Inverters in Residential Microgrids


P. Nahata

Master Thesis, SS16 (10464)

In this work, we consider the problem of overvoltage caused by high integration of photovoltaic (PV) based generation in low voltage residential microgrids. Solar PV based generation is a commonly observed form of distributed generation in low voltage networks. Residential PV systems depending upon their capacity partly feed the local loads. This reduces the stress on the distribution networks and improves the system performance by reducing feeder losses. However, a high penetration of PV resources results in local voltage rise during net power generation. We propose a decentralized integral controller to curtail excess active power in order to avoid overvoltage. We prove the stability of the resulting closed-loop system and guarantee that voltages of the generating nodes are within the bounds specified by the grid standards. Considering the voltage and active power constraints, we show that the proposed controller leads to maximum power transfer into the grid. We discuss the objective of fair power curtailment and show that it is in contrast with our objective of maximum power transfer. We also show that a voltage control is not be required for a few PV generators satisfying certain conditions. Finally, we present the performance of the controller through simulation studies and validate various analysis based results presented in this work.

Supervisors: Dr. Silvia Mastellone, Prof. Florian Dörfler


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(12)Diploma/Master Thesis

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