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Notes on Distributed Frequency Reserves Provision through Commercial Buildings using ADMM


F. Rey, X. Zhang, S. Merkli

IfA Memo 5519.

This note extends the frequency reserve provision framework described in Zhang et al., 2014, ’A Framework for Optimizing Reserve Capacities for Linear Systems’ and Zhang et al., aper, ’Robust Optimal Control with Adjustable Uncertainty Sets’ 1from the case of one building to multiple buildings. In particular, we present a dis- tributed method for computing the frequency reserve provision that can be provided by a (large) aggregation of commercial buildings. The proposed ADMM-framework has the advantages that it (i) decomposes the reserve provision program into sep- arate programs for each building (ii) allows to reconstruct a feasible solution after each ADMM iteration (iii) gives the buildings some privacy in the sense that they can change their own constraints and objectives without communicating it (iv) offers plug-and-play capabilities by making it possible that additional buildings join the aggregation without changing the entire setup and (v) allows for a profit distribution that places an incentive on strengthening the aggregation.


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