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A decentralized voltage collapse distance for power distribution networks


I.-L. Aolaritei

Semester Thesis, SS16 (1497)

This thesis considers the problem of voltage instability in power distribution networks. Different from previous formulations of this problem, we consider the branch-flow parametrization of the state, which is particularly effective for radial networks. This model is used to analyze the distance from voltage collapse of the grid in a given operating point. The maximum loadability point of the grid is characterized from a mathematical point of view in terms of the power flow Jacobian. Indeed, in this critical point, the power flow Jacobian is singular.

The solution to the proposed problem is based on a fast approximation of the determinant of the power flow Jacobian. This approximation can be computed in real-time and based only on local information. By using instruments from matrix theory, we give upper bounds for the approximation error. We then use our determinant approximation to construct a voltage collapse index, which provides us with a measure of the distance to the voltage collapse of the grid.

The proposed method is validated numerically on some sample networks and compared to other very recent results from the literature. Finally, we propose some practical applications where our result could be very efficiently used.

Supervisors: Saverio Bolognani, Florian Dörfler


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(13)Semester/Bachelor Thesis

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