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Targeted and Coordinated Passing for a Bipedal Robot


M. Kšlin

Semester Thesis, FS16

This semester thesis is intended to implement the new behavior to allow the robot to kick a ball dynamically while itís still rolling and the new feature to kick the ball to any desired position on the field. This involves the design and implementation of a model-based ball trajectory estimation scheme on the NAO robot used by our team nomadZ. This designed controller must be capable of dealing with a variety of ball velocities and arbitrary target positions.

As a first step the physics of a ball rolling on an arbitrary surface was investigated and the mathematics of this behaviors were derived. Next it was derived how a ball bounces off the foot after it got kicked while it was rolling towards the robot himself. This physical derivations where simulated in Matlab to visualize the behavior and making sure everything was understood correctly. After this the findings from the first part were taken and implemented in the framework and the created code was tested in the built-in simulator. The last part of this thesis was testing the implemented code on the NAO robots. These robots rely on on-board cameras for self-localization and estimation of environment. To push the boundaries of the performance of the robot, in this work we replace the self-localization scheme with another studentís project, the Vicon-system, which is a system of cameras recording the happening on the field from the ceiling and enables us to use perfect knowledge of the surroundings.


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(13)Semester/Bachelor Thesis

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