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Modeling and Control of a 7-DOF KUKA Lightweight Robotic Arm using the MATLAB Robotics Toolbox


M. Naumann

Master Thesis, FS16

This project is one of a series of projects regarding the 7-DOF KUKA LBR 14 R820 robotic arm and controllers for it. In this thesis, the robotics toolbox for MATLAB/Simulink developed by P.I. Corke [7] was used to create a realistic model of the manipulator. All parameters used were taken from the Master's Thesis of Lukas Affolter [3], in which he identified them using the real robot. With the created model, two controllers, an Inverse Dynamics Controller and an Impedance Controller, were implemented. The former is specifically suited to track trajectories in jointspace. The second controller works in workspace and has a flexible trade-off between trajectory tracking and force regulation. This is very useful for robot-object interaction and manipulation and in the future coordinated manipulation tasks using multiple robots.

Supervisors: Yvonne Stürz, Annika Eichler, Roy Smith


Type of Publication:

(12)Diploma/Master Thesis

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