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Robust Optimization of Nonlinear Power Systems in Realtime


J. Pázmány

Master Thesis, FS16

The increasing number of power electronics interfaced devices in power systems are enabling fast and accurate response over the actual state, but more and more new type of devices are joining to the power grid which are increasing the uncertainties in the power system and raising new challenges for the system operator. This is motivating several researchers to provide new control methods for the power system of the future, one of the core challenges is to provide safe operation and economic dispatch of electrical power grid.
Recently several works has been published on providing on-line optimization techniques with power system applications which are aiming to track the optimal power flow solution in the presence of time varying loads and generation. This work aims to provide a new type of manifold optimization based approach in feedback loop and show robust properties of different operation constraint handling techniques against having inexact power grid model. The feasibility of the resulting paths of the system is illustrated, in contrast to off-line optimization, also in the case in which multiple feasible region exists. Different advanced algorithms are developed to provide a discretization of the continuous time projected gradient flow based control approach, and numerical simulations are done on realistic test cases.

Supervisor: Florian Dörfler


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(12)Diploma/Master Thesis

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