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Location Equilibrium


B. Ogunsola

Master Thesis, FS16

Inspired by the problem of area coverage for taxi drivers in an e-hailing setting, particularly the problem of varying location based pricing in taxi networks, a new network equilibrium concept is defined and analyzed. This network equilibrium is referred to as a location equilibrium. Connections are drawn between the proposed equilibrium and two related concepts, namely the Wardrop equilibrium in transportation and Nagurney's migration equilibrium. The location equilibrium problem is equivalent to solving a variational inequality with an operator which is in general not monotone. We show that the extra-gradient algorithm converges to a specific location equilibrium, but requires centralized computations. A distributed algorithm which achieves the location equilibrium is proposed and analyzed. This algorithm admits a natural interpretation. Beyond taxi coverage, the proposed network equilibrium finds application in the study of human migration and task assignment for a server network.

Supervisors: Basilio Gentile, Dario Paccagnan, John Lygeros


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(12)Diploma/Master Thesis

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