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Virtual-oscillator-based Analysis and Control of Induction Machines in Power Systems


Z. Chu

Semester Thesis, SS17

In this project the three major power-conversion devices of an electrical power system are studied - the induction machine (IM), the synchronous machine (SM) and the voltage-source converter (VSC). We focus on the induction machines but also compare it with the other two devices. The common elements between them are investigated and placed in a virtual-oscillator-control framework. After highlighting some model-matching control aspects, a stability study shows further requirements on the devices’ parameters and operating conditions under both grid-forming and grid-feeding scenarios. This comparative study draws some analogies between the three converters and provides some physical interpretation of their relating features.

Supervisors: Catalin Arghir, Florian Dörfler


Type of Publication:

(13)Semester/Bachelor Thesis

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