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Attacking a New Type of Stream Cipher


D. Mignone, C. Maeder

ETH Zuerich, Diploma Thesis at the Signal- and Information Processing Laboratory.

In September 1994 a purported description of the cipher RC4 (a proprietary cipher of RSA security) was posted anonymously on the internet. The posted cipher is a stream cipher that uses a new kind of algorithm to generate the 'running-key' sequence from the user chosen secret key. The cipher operates on bytes, but is easily scaled to operate on n-bit data units for any n. The term Perigee-n has been used to describe the scaled cipher. The goal of this project is to develop efficient known-plaintext attacks at least for Perigee-3 and, if possible, for Perigee-n for large n including the practical case n=8.


Type of Publication:

(12)Diploma/Master Thesis

J. Massey

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