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Real Time Optimal Controller for the Nao-Robot Locomotion System


A. Krystallidis

Semester Thesis, SS17

The main goal of this semester thesis is the implementation of a closed-loop stable walk for the NAO robot by applying different control approaches using simplified concentrated-mass models for modeling the complex humanoid dynamics. For a successful walking, from one hand smooth trajectories have to be created for the CoM while from the other hand stabilization and modifications have to be done on these trajectories by the stabilizing controller. In an ideal case, biped walking could be realized by using only a walking pattern generator to an actual robot. However model simplifications/imperfections, imperfect actuation, disturbances and uneven terrain render the use of controller inevitable for the realization of the biped gait. At first the different dynamic models are described and a comparison between the 3D Linear Inverted Pendulum and the Cart- Table model, which are the two most extensively used simplified models for walking pattern generation and control, is performed. Modifications have been done in the lateral motion of the walking pattern generator such that same dynamics are applied in both x and y directions. Through that way smoother trajectories for the velocity in lateral motion are generated and the reference tracking using the aforementioned models becomes more efficient. Finally, three different control approaches have been implemented with an obvious superiority of the MPC, which enables the use of constraints, increasing the stability of the humanoidís walking.

Supervisors: Georgios Darivianakis, Ben Flamm, John Lygeros


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(13)Semester/Bachelor Thesis

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