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Environment Setup for Quadcopter PPS


C. Burgener, P. Friedli, M. Müller

Group Thesis, SS17

The Distributed Flying and Localisation Laboratory was initiated some time ago at the Automatic Control Lab, with the intention of creating an experimenting platform in the field of flying machines and their localisation. To benefit from the already available existing hardware, the idea came up to use it for extended teaching purposes in the form of a PPS Session. Since quadcopters offer a nice opportunity to learn about system control, the students can get practical experience by applying the concepts they learned in the control theory lectures. In order to allow multiple teams to work independently with their quadcopter, a setup was needed that separates the flying area into sections that can be used independently from each other. Furthermore it was required to provide some safety measures to mitigate the risk of crashing and destroying the quadcopters. To achieve this, a fast and reliable controller needs to be activated whenever the controller under test mistakenly commands the quadcopter to exceed the safety limits. In the context of this work, an environment with such functionality was devised and successfully implemented. Special attention was paid on a neat and clear implementation, that facilitates further works. Moreover, the setting is capable to generically adapt to any number of quadcopters and flight zones. To reduce the hassle of familiarizing with other peoples code projects, the following report is intended to be used as a manual to understand the set-up. It will not only include a description of the concept, but also hands-on advices and remarks on how to use the project environment. Apart from being a required formal part of a group project, it is also meant to serve as a help for each user dealing with the code.

Supervisor: Paul Beuchat, Yvonne Stürz, John Lygeros


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(16)Semester Group Work

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