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A new robot-based setup for exploring the stiffness of anatomical structures


M. Fre., R. Burgkart, F. Regenfelder, R. Riener

Congress of the Int. Society of Biomechanics, Dunedin, Newsealand, pp. 111, Congress-CD:/longAbstracts/FREY_269-284_KB_LONG.pdf

When analyzing biomechanics of joints or generating mathematical descriptions, detailed information about the context between forces, torques and displacement of the joint in 6 degrees of freedom (DOF) is required. There are numerous publications presenting biomechanical data. However, in general not all DOF are considered or data that are presented are quite spare. The present article describes an optimized robot based approach for acquisition of biomechanical data. For this setup the industrial high precision robot Stšubli RX90-B is used. It is equipped with a completely new developed custom made controller with a sampling rate of 4 kHz for each channel. Data for varus-valgus and extension-flexion stiffness were obtained using a cadaver knee joint intact and finally simulating a ruptured medial ligament and combined lesion of the medial and lateral ligament.


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