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Publications (2018)

C. Arghir, F. Dörfler Energy-based Stabilization of Network Flows in Multi-machine Power Systems Mathematical Theory of Networks and Systems, Hong Kong Jul 2018
D. Frick, P.G. Sessa, T. A. Wood, M. Kamgarpour Exploiting structure of chance constrained programs via submodularity Automatica, (under review; preprint: arXiv:1801.03258)
Jan 2018
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J.W. Simpson-Porco, B.K. Poolla, Nima Monshizadeh, F. Dörfler Input-Output Performance of Linear-Quadratic Saddle-Point Algorithms with Application to Distributed Resource Allocation Problems Under Review Mar 2018
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M. Hohmann, J. Warrington, J. Lygeros Optimal Linearizations of Power Systems with Uncertain Supply and Demand Under review Apr 2018
A. Elahidoost, L. Furieri, E. Tedeschi, M. Kamgarpour Optimizing HVDC grid expansion and control for enhancing DC stability Power Systems Computation Conference Jun 2018
F. Rey Quantified Examples for Structured Systems IfA Memo 5830. Feb 2018
E. Ahbe, T. A. Wood, R. S. Smith Stability Verification for Periodic Trajectories of Autonomous Kite Power Systems European Control Conference (ECC), Limassol, Cyprus Jun 2018
L. Furieri, M. Kamgarpour The Value of Communication in Designing Robust Distributed Controllers IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control (under review; preprint at arXiv:1711.05324) Jan 2018
G. Banjac, P.J. Goulart Tight global linear convergence rate bounds for operator splitting methods IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, (to appear) Jan 2018
Book Chapter
R. Luchsinger, D. Aregger, F. Bezard, D. Costa, C. Galliot, F. Gohl, J. Heilmann, H. Hesse, C. Houle, T. A. Wood, R. S. Smith Pumping Cycle Kite Power with Twings Airborne Wind Energy, pp. 603-621 Apr 2018
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D. Frick, S. Mariéthoz, M. Tanaskovic, Lehmann David Method and system for sensorless determination of the orientation of the rotor of an ironless PMSM motor US Patent US20180054147A1; EU Patent EP3288179A1 Feb 2018
J. Warrington Certificate of Outstanding Service as Reviewer for the year 2017 IEEE Control Systems Letters Jan 2018
(13)Semester/Bachelor Thesis
B. Vandenbussche Battery integration in a low-inertia power grid Semester Thesis, FS17 Mar 2018
T. Gidron Centrality Games in Social and Economic Networks Semester Thesis, FS17 Mar 2018
B. Yngvason Customized Control of an industrial PTZ camera Semester Thesis, FS17 Jan 2018
B. Guo Energy based angle consensus in power systems Semester Thesis, FS17 Feb 2018
L. Hsu Force-feedback control of a focus lens system with distance measurements Semester Thesis, FS17 Apr 2018
S. Rickli Implementation and analysis of a new System Level Approach to constrained controller design Semester Thesis, FS17 Apr 2018
F. Böwing Optimal nonlinear frequency control in power systems Semester Thesis, FS17 Jan 2018
P. Pienroj SLAM With Spiking Neural Networks for Two-Wheels Robot Semester Thesis, FS17 Jan 2018
D. Rodriguez Flores Time Domain Performance Metrics in Optimal Inertia Placement Semester Thesis, FS17 Mar 2018
A. Elanjimattathil Vijayan Warm starting approaches in NLP for trajectory planning Semester Thesis, FS17 Jan 2018
(12)Diploma/Master Thesis
J. Leprince Optimal Control Strategies of Seasonal Storage Devices for District Energy Management Master Thesis, FS17 Mar 2018
S. Watanabe Real-Time Visual Kite Tracking System: Vision, Estimation and Control Master Thesis, FS17 Apr 2018
J.-S. Brouillon Social welfare optimization in aggregative games with inertia Master Thesis, FS17 Mar 2018
(16)Semester Group Work
Y. Bosshard, M. Rogenmoser, T. Salzmann Controlling Quadcopters using Ultra-wideband Group Thesis, FS17 Mar 2018
S. Renggli, M. Schubiger Impact of Inverter-Connected Generation Units on the Operation of Power Systems Group Thesis, FS17 Jan 2018
B. Berabi, A. Ungría Hirte Indoor Localisation for Building Evacuation Group Thesis, FS17 Feb 2018
G. Aliguzhinov, L. Becker-Sander Optimal Stereo Camera Setup for Distance Measurements Group Thesis, SS17 Feb 2018
F. Rey Building Prototype Data Mar 2018