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Gruppenarbeiten (GA)
Semesterarbeiten (SA)
Masterarbeiten (MA)

On this webpage you find a list of all available student projects, listed according to the group/topic. Many of the projects listed below can be adapted to form a B.Sc. Group Project, an M.Sc. Semester project, or an M.Sc. Master's thesis. Please contact the supervisors listed for each project for more information.

The IfA Open House is an opportunity to discuss the details of the open projects below with the IfA members leading the respective project. In addition more project opportunities open up in the weeks before and after the Open House event, so keep an eye on this space for the project that matches your interests.

Airborne Wind Energy ALL
  Development of a Kite Visual Tracking System taken

Automatic Control Laboratory ALL
  Cyber Security in Power Networks open
  Next Generation Subcutaneous Injector Device open
  Control and Optimization Algorithms for Firefighting in Urban Environments open
  Custom motor control of industrial PTZ camera open
  Scenario-Based Model Predictive Control for Wind Turbines taken
  Distributed Privacy taken
  Distributed Traffic Management and Collision Avoidance (con't) taken
  Birds in the Sky taken
  ADMM for Long Term Storage Optimization taken

Control of Electrical Drives ALL
  Optimization of Electrical Drives in Transient for Traction Applications taken

Cooperative Control ALL
  Distributed algorithms for aggregative games open
  Joint Master Thesis ETH- NREL: Synchronization of power inverters open
  Matlab Simulations of centrality games in Social Networks open
  Decentralized synchronization of inverter based grid taken

Data Driven Control Theory ALL
  Optimal Control Approach to Parameter Inference for Hidden Markov Models taken
  Inverse Optimization for Policy Identification taken
  Real time optimization of multi-modal shared mobility systems taken
  Structured Numerical Integration and its Application to High-Dimensional Stochastic Programming taken
  Value function approach to managing station-free shared mobility systems taken

Digital Fabrication ALL
  Distributed cooperative control and estimation for two KUKA Lightweight Robots taken
  Modelling of Multiple, Physically Coupled Robots for Distributed Control of a Cooperative Manipulation Task taken
  Modelling of a 7-DOF KUKA Lightweight Robotic Arm and Implementation of Inverse Dynamics and Impedance Control taken

Distributed Flying and Localisation ALL
  Ultra-Wide-Band (UWB) localisation - algorithm development and embedded implementation open
  Extension and implementation of a distributed formation controller taken

Electrical Power Grid Control ALL
  Geometric Power System Optimization (jointly with PSL) [SA/MA] open
  GRUPPENARBEIT: Entwicklung eines webbasierten Visualisierungstools für Stromnetze open
  ABB Corporate Research: Grid-forming converter control in microgrids open
  Virtual-oscillator based control of inverters in power grids: Theory and Experiment taken
  Inertia Placement in Power Grids with Dynamic Loads taken
  Feature-preserving reductions of high-dimensional weather forecasts for power system optimization taken
  Impact of Inverter-Connected Generation Units on the Operations of Power Systems (jointly with Reliability and Risk Engineering) taken

Embedded Optimization ALL
  SMT solvers for embedded hybrid MPC taken
  Efficient Model Predictive Control for embedded applications taken

Energy Management of Buildings and Districts ALL
  Virtual room temperature sensor open
  Developing an online set-point optimizer for heat pumps taken
  Optimal Control Strategies of Seasonal Storage Devices for District Energy Management taken
  Optimal Economic Control of Energy Storage taken
  Assessing the capability of Swiss Office buildings to provide secondary frequency reserves taken
  Humans-in-the-loop: Considering the feedback of occupants in the energy management system taken

Hybrid Systems Group ALL
  Control Synthesis given Temporal Logic Specifications using Mixed Logic Dynamical Systems taken

RoboCup ALL
  RoboCup open
  Stable Passing and Ball Motion Planning for a Bipedal Robot taken

Stochastic Optimization ALL
  Maximum Entropy Estimation taken

Systems Biology ALL
  Spatiotemporal modelling of DNA replication (jointly with IBM Research Zurich) open

  Time-Optimal Race Strategies for Hybrid Electric Race Cars open
  Indoor Localisation for Building Evacuation taken