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Semesterarbeiten (SA)
Masterarbeiten (MA)

(Undergraduate Student Projects)
offered by the various groups.

On this webpage you find a list of all available student projects, listed according to the group/topic.

Airborne Wind Energy ALL
  Modelling of tether dynamics in kite power systems for state estimation open
  Airborne wind energy with on-board generators: system design and optimization taken
  Image Processing for Estimation of Dynamics of Autonomous Kites taken
  Multi-Agent Localisation with UWB Radios for Personnel Protection in Surface Mines taken
  Path Tracking of Kites using Nonlinear Model Predictive Control taken
  Adaptive Sensor Fusion for Improved State Estimation in Airborne Wind Energy taken

Air Traffic Control ALL
  Conflict Detection and Resolution in Stochastic Environment open

Automatic Control Laboratory ALL
  Hydropower Scheduling using Decision Rules open
  The Decision Rule Approach to Optimal Control Design open
  Cyber Security in Power Networks open
  Next Generation Subcutaneous Injector Device open
  Robust and Stable MPC for Buffer Management Problems open
  Impact of scaling and splits on the DC approach for non-convex QCLPs open
  Preconditioning in an ADMM solver for convex QCLPs open
  Survey on complex-valued semidefinite optimization open
  Implementation of a complex-valued semidefinite optimization solver open
  SOS polynomials vs. SOHS polynomials open
  Scenario-Based Model Predictive Control for Wind Turbines taken
  Adaptive model predictive control for constrained systems implementation on a quad tank system taken
  Price-based control and decision support for shared mobility systems taken
  MPC Algorithms - Theory and Application taken
  Formation of robust networks for secure exchange of cryptocurrencies taken

Autonomous RC Racing ALL
  Optimal Control of Autonomous 1:43 scale RC Race Cars open
  How to jump with RC cars? open
  Fast Stochastic MPC in Autonomous Racing taken
  Model Complexity and its Influence on the Performance of RC Race Car taken
  Trajectory-planning for race cars with LTL specifications taken

Autonomous Sailing Project ALL
  Optimal control for autonomous Regatta open
  Development of a Graphical User Interface for Autonomous Sailboats taken

Autonomous Solar Electric Vehicle ALL
  Autonomous Solar Electric Vehicle Development: Telecommunication with remote computer open

Chemical Process Control ALL
  Enhancing Computer Vision Algorithms of an Imaging Setup for Chemical Process Control taken

Control of Electrical Drives ALL
  Optimization of Electrical Drives in Transient for Traction Applications open
  Design of fast MPC for electric-driven compressors taken

Control of Power Electronic Systems ALL
  Sensorless speed control of an induction motor open
  Modeling and simulation of a wind turbine generator system open
  Advanced Algorithm for High Speed Explicit Hybrid Model Predictive Control open
  Modeling and Control of Variable Speed Drives taken

Cooperative Control ALL
  Mean Field Control for Multi-Agent Systems open

Data driven control theory ALL
  Learning Freeway Traffic Dynamics open
  Learning a Cost Function for Visual Search open
  Distributed Controller Design Using Reinforcement Learning open
  Distributed policy search open
  Optimal Control Approach to Parameter Inference for Hidden Markov Models taken

Demand Response Methods ALL
  Combining demand response with energy hub modelling open

Digital Fabrication ALL
  System Identification of the latest KUKA Lightweight Robot taken

Distributed Flying ALL
  Development of a simulation environment in Gazebo for a Distributed Autonomous Flying Test Bed open

Electrical Power Grid Control ALL
  Virtual-oscillator based control of inverters in microgrids open
  Inertia Placement in Power Grids with Dynamic Loads open
  Game Theoretic Analysis of the ancillary service electricity market open
  Reverse Engineering Project in Power Flow Analysis open
  Network Reduction for Optimal Flow Problems taken

Embedded Optimization ALL
  Multi-core interior point method open
  Online Solvers for Hybrid MPC Using Generalized Disjunctive Programming open
  Real-time model predictive control of piecewise affine systems open
  Real time auto-tuning of ADMM for model predictive control open
  Optimal Control for Autonomous Regatta open
  Optimal Deployment Strategy & Constellation Management for ESA Satellites open
  Optimal Trajectory for an ESA Active Debris Removal Mission open
  Optimal Area Mapping for the ESA Asteroid Impact Mission open
  SMT solvers for embedded hybrid MPC open
  A revised comparison of FAMA and ADMM open
  ADMM Modifications open
  Evaluation of theoretical ADMM guarantees by simulation taken
  Optimization Algorithms and Fixed Point Algebra taken

Energy Management of Buildings and Districts ALL
  Optimal Control Strategies of Seasonal Storage Devices for District Energy Management open
  Distributed Optimisation for Cooperative Building Energy Management via the Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers open
  Game Theoretic Approach for Distributed Energy Hub Management open
  Development of a Graphical Interface for Energy Data open
  Literature and Model Review of Energy Market Price open
  System Identification of the Cooling System of a Real Building open
  Management Controller for Room Automation of a Real Building open
  Developing an online set-point optimizer for heat pumps taken
  Stochastic Frequency Reserve Provision through Cooperative Building Energy Management via an Energy Hub taken

Fachpraktikum ALL
  Web-Browser based Control Experiment open

Networked Control Systems ALL
  Network Design for Complex Dynamical Systems open
  Peer-to-peer clock synchronization in wireless sensor networks taken

Reachability Project ALL
  Reachability based optimal control via polynomial optimization open
  Design and implementation of ADP control for intelligent surveillance systems open
  Nonlinear Optimal Control of HVDC for Power System Stability open
  Probabilistic Basins of Attraction for a Juggling Machine open
  Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman PDE solvers open

RoboCup ALL
  RoboCup open

Robotics & Automation ALL
  Multi-perception vision control taken

Stochastic MPC ALL
  Computational Study in Stochastic MPC: Scenario optimization vs. distributionally robust programming open

Stochastic Optimization ALL
  Maximum Entropy Estimation open
  Model-Free Optimisation for Stochastic Systems taken

System Identification ALL
  System identification of a cerebral blood flow model open
  System identification for ecological systems taken

Systems Biology ALL
  System identification of a cerebral blood flow model open
  System identification for ecological systems taken

Thermoacoustic control ALL
  Optimization of driving signals and control strategies for a thermoacoustic cooling machine open
  Modeling, identification & control of a 1/4 wave thermoacoustic cooler taken
  Design, construction and active control of a travelling wave thermoacoustic machine taken
  Active control of thermoacoustic instabilities and sound field of a Rijke tube taken
  Acoustic resonator for control thermoacoustic machines taken
  Active collocated control of thermoacoustic instabilities and sound field of a Rijke tube taken
  Solar energy powered thermoacoustic engine taken