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GROUP PROJECT: Creation of a Quadcopter P&S



Paul Beuchat, Yvonne Stürz

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Quadcopters are becoming more and more prevalent in everyday life, and controlling them draws on many of the fundamental aspects of control theory. As such, we are developing a P&S (Projects & Seminars) course for Bachelors students to learn about and experience the modelling and implementation aspects of quadcopter control.

In order for a quadcopter setup to enable effective teaching, it needs to be robust. The goal of this group project is to create such a robust setup using the equipment available at IfA. The enabling technology for the quadcopter is the Crazyflie 2.0 (pictured above): this is a nano-quadcopter developed with research in mind, as such, all details and code are open-source. The enabling technology for measuring the state of the quadcopter will be the latest motion capture system from Vicon. The challenge of this group project is to connect these components together into a complete system that is both robust, and easy to interface with.

The other important aspect for effective teaching is the teaching material. The group who takes on this project will need to understand the theory of quadcopter modelling and control, and work with the supervisors to propose and create teaching material that is at an appropriate level for a P&S.


Completion of this Group Project requires the following to be carried out:
  • Setup of the robust, autonomous flying arena by developing the software to combine off-the-shelf hardware components,
  • Understand the theory of quadcopter modelling and controller design to implement PID and LQR control on the proposed setup,
  • Understand the didactics of a P&S to propose teaching material accordingly.

Who we are looking for

We are looking for a group of highly motivated bachelors students that are interested in a project involving hardware implementation and theoretical understanding, and most importantly, in creating high quality teaching material.

Weitere Informationen

John Lygeros

Art der Arbeit: Group Project
Anzahl StudentInnen:
Status: done
Projektstart: Anytime
Semester: HS2016 or FS2017