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1. (16h15)Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs): a Worldwide Overview / 2. (17h15)Problems Facing the International UAV Community

Part 1: Worldwide UAV Review - Introduction to UVS International & UAVs - UAVs: Definitions & Categories & General Overview - UAV Review by category - Worldwide overview of UAVs referenced - UAVs in inventory, on order, under development - UAV applications (military & civil; current & future) Part 2: The Problems Facing The International UAV Community Currently, there are over 190 UAV manufacturers in the world producing more than 500 different UAV systems in 39 different countries. The vast majority of these systems are for military applications. The successful use of UAVs in Kosovo, Afghanistan, and most recently in Iraq, have made it very clear to the military that certain classes of UAVs must have access to non-segregated airspace and that air traffic management (ATM) rules must be established to permit this to happen. A relative small quantity of UAVs is currently being used for research purposes, and they are running into the same problems as the military. More and more consideration is now being given to the potential future use of UAVs for a growing number of civil and commercial applications. However, there are only two countries in the world where civil UAVs are currently being operated routinely on a commercial basis. This presentation will highlight the problems being faced by UAV operators (military & civil) to gain access to non-segregated airspace. It will focus on how Europe and the USA are dealing with these problems and UVS International's implication. The presentation will stress the importance of international co-operation and will conclude with a recommendation on the way forward.

Type of Seminar:
Public Seminar
Peter van Blyenburgh
Unmanned vehicle Systems International
May 06, 2004   16:15

ETH Zentrum, Sonneggstrasse 3, Raum: ML H44
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Dr. Ch. Eck
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