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Inversion of vehicle steering dynamics with Modelica

The task of steering a vehicle is an exercise which is usually considered hierarchically in terms of the two subtasks path planning and path following. With the driver in the loop some essential man dependent tasks such as sensing, information processing and motor function affect the steering quality. In case of simulations, the same applies correspondingly for driver models. In this thesis, the aim is to investigate vehicle steering dynamics independent of any driver-related properties. The path is therefore, assumed given by a reference trajectory together with a speed profile. The steering angle which is necessary for exact or at least approximate path following is sought after. This allows for plausible comparative assessment of different vehicle's steering dynamics in terms of the demanded steering effort for a certain maneuver. On the other hand, this approach requires dynamic inversion of the vehicle steering dynamics which represents the main focus of this thesis. Two vehicle models, the common single track model and a detailed vehicle model from the Modelica vehicle dynamics library are investigated. Since the detailed vehicle model turns out to be nonminimum phase, its exact inversion is unstable. Approximate inversion is accomplished by means of two different methods: inversion of the bypassed model and approximate inversion using a novel control structure called inverse disturbance observer. Simulations of a double lane change maneuver are conducted for illustration. Finally, wavelet power spectra of the steering angle signals are used for steering effort assessment.

Type of Seminar:
Public Seminar
Alkin Sahin
University of Siegen, Germany
Mar 31, 2005   13:45

ETH Zentrum, Physikstr. 3, ETL I 15
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Prof. M. Morari
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Alkin Sahin is an M.Sc. student at the University of Siegen. He recently completed his master thesis, in the German Aerospace Center, DLR Institute of Robotics and Mechatronics. He did his undergraduate studies in mechanical engineering at the Middle East Technical University in Ankara. He is interested in the Ph.D. position in the field of active vibration control at IfA.